Scarf Free Pattern

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The most simple but warm shawl is connected on circular spokes with a simple pattern of two types of yarn. In cold weather-an irreplaceable thing.


178 x 68 cm

You will need

Yarn 1 (41% cotton, 33% mohair, 14% wool, 11% polyamide, 1% elastane; 160 m/50 g) — 100 g white, 
Yarn 2 (70% mohair, 30% silk; 74 m/25 g) – 100 g white; Circular Spokes № 6.


Main pattern

1st row (= persons. Row): Purls loops, yarn 1;

2nd row (= persons. Row): Purls loops, yarn 2;

3rd row (= range): Facial loops, yarn 1;

4th row (= N. Row): Face loops, yarn 2;


The pattern is knitted on circular spokes-alternately on 2 p. Facial and 2 p. purl one spoke. 

In height repeat these four rows. 

Decorative Additions

in persons. Row from the left edge = from the stretch to Knit 1 N. Crossed loop, Chrome. 

In the Izh. Row from the left edge = Chrome, from the stretch to knit 1 persons. Crossed Loop.

Decorative Ubavki

in persons. The row from the left edge = 2 p. reverse together, chrome. 

In the Izh. Row from the left edge = Chrome., 2 p. Touch the face together.

Density of knitting

14 p. x 21 R. = 10 x 10 cm, is associated with the main pattern spokes № 6.

Work execution

Yarn 1 on circular spokes № 6 dial 3 p. and knit the main pattern, with the left edge in each 2nd P. Add (see Decorative additions): 93 times x 1 P. = 96 p. 

Then in each 2nd p. reduce (see decorative Ubavki) from the left Edge 93 times on 1 P. = 3 p. These 3 p. Close.


The product is stretched to fit, humidify and leave to dry.


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