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On any Christmas tree there are always colorful beautiful balls. Bright and shiny balls can be bought in the store, but you can also crochet them. Knitted balls look very nice on the Christmas tree. And we will crochet the balls. We will knit them with yarn, and we will decorate the balls with snowflakes, which we will do with the help of a smaller hook and floss threads.

For knitting balls we need:

Yarn; Hook under the yarn; Floss threads; Hook 0.75; Needle; Sintepon.

To make it more convenient, we will use such abbreviations of the main notation: SS is a connecting bar; RLS is a single crochet; CCH is a double crochet; CC2N is a column with 2 nakida.

Balls can be knit in any color. Snowflakes for them too.

Begin to knit the ball itself. And for this we take any yarn you like. Knit it with two loops. Now go to the first row. All the ball we will have connected sc.

And we in the second loop are performing six such columns. 

Now we will make such increases for the ball.

In the 2nd row we increase the knit in all the loops. In the third we will increase knit through 1 loop. In the fourth through 2 loops. In the fifth through 3 loops. In the sixth through 4 loops. In the seventh through 5 loops.

We have formed a circle consisting of forty-two sc. 

Knit on the ball. And now we will knit five rows in a circle. Then we will move on to the reductions, which will also be done in all subsequent rows until the hole in the ball closes. We will perform the cuts. 1 row - in this row we will knit a knockdown every 5 loops. 2 row - here we are knitting a downhill after every 4 loops. 3 row - we reduce the quitt every 3 loops. And so on.

Do not forget that in the process of knitting, the ball should be stuffed with padding polyester.

You need to fill very tightly so that the ball does not change its shape. In addition to synthetic winterizer, you can also use a ready-made Christmas ball or a wooden ball basis. Then the ball will be hard and just will not be subject to deformation. 

Now take the floss and small hook. We will knit a snowflake. For beauty and festivity, you can add a metallized thread to the floss. It is better to fold it in half so that the snowflake glitters as much as possible and brighter.

We collect 8 loops and enclose them in a ringlet. 

Now we will knit SSN. In total, we have to knit them twenty-four into this ring. But the first one will be replaced by three VPs and, therefore, we will knit twenty-three SSNs into the ring. 

We collect four VP and skip the loop at the base, knit in the second CC2H. | 

We again recruit four VPs and knit CC2N at the tip of CC2H. Then we knit four VP and one SS in the same place where we get CC2N. 

We make again four VP and skip the loop of the base. In the second knit SS.

All other rays of the snowflakes will be knit similarly to the first ray. In total, our snowflake should have six open-ended rays. 

Now we take a needle and begin to gently sew a snowflake to the ball. You should sew a snowflake as tightly as possible so that nothing bristled or sagged.

After the snowflake is sewn to the ball, we need to hide all the sticking threads inside the toy. We also make a loop from the yarn so that the ball can be hung on the Christmas tree for it.

Such balls can be tied very much, as they are knitted simply. They can decorate the Christmas tree. In addition, of these balls you can make a beautiful Christmas garland, which can decorate not only the Christmas tree, but also the wall.

This is how the crocheted Christmas balls look like! 

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