Fishnet Collar Free Pattern

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It starts with the fact that the band of cages is knitted, as for Fileynogo knitting (a column with a scale, two air loops), and then the basic pattern. The pattern raport is equal to four cages, it is necessary to dial a stripe, a multiple of rapport plus one more cell for symmetry. In this collar of 53 cells, it is almost under the neck. 

The series, which are on the scheme drawn in red: the bars with the scale knitting under the arch, the columns without a scale-in the third column in a group of four bars with a scale (on the macro-photo can be a pattern on the buttonhole-column to consider). Why the third? Picked experimentally for reasons of symmetry.

Collar was knitted only on a neck: 3 air loops, a column without a scale in a column with a scale of the first row. It was possible and not to obvtie, lateral edges I have left as is, but it seemed that the neck so will be softer. The Ribbon is 3 mm wide, in the first row of cells. That the ends of a ribbon came out of cages symmetrically, quantity of cages should be even, therefore it was necessary in the middle of a collar to pass one cage (on a macro-photo it is visible).

This collar is knitting very quickly: It took me an hour and a half to refuel the tips. Still some time will take to steam or starched, in general, for the evening it is possible to manage.
That's how my unlooking knitted collar looks on the dummy. It's beautiful, isn't it?

And of course-the scheme of crochet collar crochet (see figure)

The rapport is indicated in grey color. In length it is possible to get a couple of rows if you want a bigger collar.

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